Ferguson-Smith, Malcolm

Interview with Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith, conducted by Ms Emma M. Jones, for the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group, 06 June 2015, in Glasgow. Transcribed by Mrs Debra Gee, and edited by Professor Tilli Tansey and Mr Alan Yabsley. The project management was undertaken by Mr Adam Wilkinson. 
Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith (b. 1931) is Emeritus Professor of Pathology, University of Cambridge. He graduated in medicine at Glasgow University in 1955 and, while undertaking postgraduate training there in pathology, was introduced to research on sex chromatin under Bernard Lennox. An interest in Klinefelter’s syndrome in 1957 to 1958 led to his appointment as Fellow in Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, in 1959, where he established the first chromosome diagnostic service in the USA, and undertook cytogenetic research into Turner syndrome. Research interests include molecular cytogenetics, karyotype evolution, vertebrate sex determination and comparative genomics. He is joint author of Essential Medical Genetics.
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Professor Ferguson-Smith has contributed to several Witness Seminars including: Genetic Testing; Clinical Molecular Genetics in the UK c.1975–c.2000; and Human Gene Mapping Workshops c.1973-c.1991.