The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group


The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group, funded by the Wellcome Trust, studies the history of recent biomedicine principally by employing oral history methodology. Resources created by the Group include individual interviews, Witness Seminars and events.

Makers of Modern Biomedicine: Testimonies and Legacy

This Strategic Award to Professor Tilli Tansey is to record oral testimonies from groups and individuals who have made a significant contribution to the legacy of modern biomedicine. Following on from their successful Witness Seminars, the Group will create an extensive, widely accessible, and freely available collection of further Witness Seminars and individual interviews with key figures in recent biomedical research.

The key aspects of the project are:

  • Multidisciplinary input from historians, ethicists, and scientists from a wide range of biomedical areas.
  • A published resource in print and digital media for the benefit of researchers both nationally and internationally
  • The development of five major themes:
    • clinical genetics
    • neuroscience
    • global health and infectious diseases
    • medical technologies
    • ethics of research and practice