Derrett, Chris

Interview conducted by Professor Tilli Tansey, for the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group, 22 March 2016, in the School of History, Queen Mary University of London. Transcribed by Mrs Debra Gee, and edited by Professor Tilli Tansey and Mr Adam Wilkinson. The technical support (filming and production) was undertaken by Mr Alan Yabsley.
Dr Christopher Derrett MBBS MPhil (b. 1947) is a former general practitioner (GP). He graduated in applied physics from Durham University in 1968, and his first permanent job was as a member of the non-clinical scientific staff at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Air Pollution Research Unit. During his time at the Unit he helped develop instrumentation for the measurement and processing of respiratory signals and for the measurement of sulphur dioxide. After his MPhil, for a Thesis entitled ‘Respiratory function: some aspects of its measurement, analysis and interpretation’ in 1977, he enrolled as an undergraduate medical student at the Royal Free School of Medicine. He qualified in medicine (MBBS) in 1982, and went on to GP vocational training in East London. In 1986, he became a GP partner in Newham, and later in Hackney. During his GP career, he has been a GP Trainer, an Appraisal Lead, a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Bart’s and the London School of Medicine, and also Head of GP Development for City and Hackney Primary Care Trust. Since retiring from clinical practice, he continues to teach medical students and practice support staff. He also conducts educational work with refugee doctors and GPs in Romania, and is a student of medical history.
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Dr Derrett has contributed to our Wellcome Witness Seminar on Air Pollution Research in Britain c.1955–c.2000.