Dugald Cameron

Professor Dugald Cameron OBE FCSD FRSA (b. 1939) was an Industrial Design student at Glasgow School of Art when he first came into contact with Tom Brown in about 1960, and became involved in the design of the first obstetric ultrasound scanners. He went on to become Head of Industrial Design at the Glasgow School of Art in 1970, and Director in 1991.

Professor Cameron contributed to the Witness Seminar on 'Looking at the Unborn: Historical aspects of obstetric ultrasound', a transcript of which is available here. He was interviewed by Tilli Tansey and Alan Yabsley at the Glasgow Art Club on 28th May 2014. To download a .pdf transcript of that interview, click here.

See also: 'Imaging and imagining the fetus : the development of obstetric ultrasound' / Malcolm Nicolson and John E.E. Fleming.  Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013.